SC Trade Compendium

SC Trade Compendium (SC-TC for short) is an application written to run on mobile devices which enables you to make better, faster trade decisions in the popular computer game "Star Citizen."

How the application works

The application queries a set of server-side APIs which contain data related to the game. When you lookup ships, stores, products and trade routes, you're getting live, real-time data from our SC-TC databases. Those databases are kept up to date by referencing data submitted and vetted by users.

Currently the application has several modes, explained in the sections below.

Main App Screen

This screen is the main landing page of the app, and will show you your most recent trade transactions. Eventually, we will fill the bottom entry, but it's currently not implemented.

If you click the "Hamburger" (the three lines at the top left) you'll be shown a menu with the primary features of the application: MainDrawer

Route search enables you to find the best deals in the 'verse. Currently one-way search is implemented, and we're working on circular routing now. When you click the Route Search option, you'll be greeted with a form like this: BlankRoute

Start out by selecting a ship. If you have already visited the Vehicle List, you may have already selected ships to live in "Your Hangar." If you have, then the dropdown will be populated only by ships in your hangar.

Once you've selected a ship, you'll automatically have populated the default quantum drive and the default maximum cargo for the ship into the fields. If you have upgraded your quantum drive, you can select an alternate drive from the dropdown. Only Quantum Drives that fit into your quantum drive bay for the selected ship will be shown.

If you'd like to search for routes that begin at a particular store, pull that store out of the dropdown list. You can leave this blank if you don't want to start at a particular store.

Enter the amount of money you wish to use for this trade route in the "Starting Capital" field. This will be used to calculate your profit margins.

Finally, select the sorting method, which is one of these options: - Overall profit: "to hell with how long it takes, just make me the most amount of money" - Profit Per Minute: "give me the route that makes me money the fastest, even if it isn't strictly the most profitable" - Safest: "give me the route with the best guarantees that the shop won't be out of stock, or be too flooded to accept my products."

Once you hit "Search Routes", you'll be greeted with a screen like this: RouteResults

There is a lot of information shown above, but here's how to dissect the info:

Store List


The store list gives you an alphabetized list of every trade terminal we're aware of. If you select a store, you will see a list of all the products that store buys or sells:


Product List


The product list gives you an alphabetized list of every product in the game. If you click on a product in the list, you'll get a detail page that shows every store that buys or sells that product:


Vehicle List


The vehicle list page shows all vehicles that exist in the game. If you click on a vehicle, you'll receive a page with statistics about that ship:


You will notice on this screen that there is a button that says either "Add to hangar" or "Delete from hangar." This is a quick way of setting up any of the Ship dropdowns that we show in the app, to only show ships that you own. If you add ships to your hangar, the ship dropdowns will only show the ships you've selected in your hangar.

Submit Trade Report


In the post report screen, you can post a buy/sell that you've made in the game. Doing this will allow you to keep a history of your trades, and it will also help us to keep prices in the game accurate. We can use the info you provide to help divine average stock amounts as well as average prices of items throughout the verse. Putting in reports helps us!

When the report is submitted, you'll see a message at the bottom that says "Report Transmitted!"


Options menu

On the upper right corner of the main screen you'll see three dots. If you click that, you'll be shown the options menu:


Where to get help

If you need help with this application but it is not answered here, please join our forums -- this is where all user support will occur.